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    1. Starting a stay at an apartment hotel is tantamount to acceptance of these Regulations.
    2. Rooms in the Apartment Hotel are rented by a hotel night. Hotel night runs from 16:00 to 11:00 the following day.
    3. The guest should notify the Reception Desk of his intention to extend the stay beyond the duration indicated on the day of arrival at 11:00 am on the day on which the rental period expired. The Apartment Hotel may agree to extend your stay depending on availability.
    4. Leaving things or staying in the room after 12:00 is treated as an automatic extension of your stay. If the Guest leaves the room after 12:00, the Apartment Hotel will charge the next night at the current price.
    5. Guests are not allowed to transfer the room to other people not indicated in the booking.
    6. Silence in the Apartment Hotel runs from 22:00 to 6:00 the next day. During the silence, guests and people using the Apartment Hotel services are obliged to behave properly and not to disturb the peace of other people.
    7. People who have not checked into the hotel can stay in the hotel room from 07:00 to 22:00. Staying in a hotel room for people who are not checked in after 22:00 is equivalent to the guest’s consent to add such persons to their room for a fee. The addition of each person will be at the current price of an extra bed for an adult, based on the current price list
    8. Vola Residence is an adults-only apartment hotel. Children must be under the constant care and supervision of adults. Legal guardians are responsible for damage or loss caused by children.
    9. Smoking of cigarettes and tobacco products is completely prohibited in the Apartment Hotel, in accordance with the Act of 8 April 2010 (Journal of Laws No. 81, item 529). Violation of the smoking ban in a room is tantamount to giving the guest permission to cover the cost of deodorization of the room in the amount of PLN 500.
    10. The guest bears full financial and material responsibility for the destruction or damage to the room equipment resulting from his fault or fault of his guests.
    11. All costs of damage, damage to the room equipment will be priced by the Apartment Hotel and their coverage will be charged to the Guest.
    12. The Guest should immediately notify the Reception Desk of any damage to the equipment of the rooms as soon as possible after its identification.
    13. All items left by the Guest in the Hotel will be returned at his request and at his expense. If you do not receive such an order, the Apartment Hotel will store your belongings for 3 months and then dispose of them. The Apartment Hotel does not store food or perishable items.
    14. In the event of a violation of these Regulations, the Apartment Hotel may refuse to continue providing services to the person who violated them. Such a person is obliged to immediately comply with it in accordance with the requirements of hotel staff, pay the due costs for services rendered and for any damage and leave the premises of the Apartment Hotel.
    15. Hotel Apartment provides services in accordance with its standard. If the Guest has any complaints about the quality of services, he is asked to report them to the Reception.
    16.  The Apartment Hotel is obliged to ensure the Guest’s safety, including confidentiality of the Guest’s details.